World Whisk(e)y Day is served up on May 18th this year. Time to clear your diary and stock the drinks cabinet, we’ve got a special offer to make it a Whiskey Day, your way.

Blair Bowman is to thank for its creation, though we’ll have to forgive him (over a drink perhaps) for dropping the ‘e’ in Whiskey. He created the day back in 2012 to inspire more people all over the world to try whiskey, anyway they like. Although we’ve nothing against serving a drop in a jam jar, we have something below that might tickle your fancy better.

While you might have tried Jameson served neat, on the rocks or in a Jameson, Ginger & Lime, you probably haven’t made too many cocktails with Irish spirit. Well, this is your chance to twist and shake it like the best of them.

To celebrate our second favourite day of the year (St. Patrick’s Day is hard to top), we’ve got a world beater of an offer for you;

Buy a cocktail kit before May 18th to get free delivery, so you can serve your tasty creations in style (and with a smile on your face).

Ready to release your inner-bartender? 

Try out these whiskey cocktails from around the world: